NexBeast Changelog

NexFro V1.0.1 (6/9/2010)

  • Newer FRF57 base ROM
  • Stock Moto Kernel (150/250/500/550/600/700/800)
  • compatible w/ SP and CW recoveries
  • It's fast

NexFro V1.0 (6/8/2010)

  • FRF57 base ROM
  • optipng'd system apps
  • DroTheme by Manup456
  • LauncherPro Beta by Federico Carnales
  • Ringer Widget
  • Wireless Tethering
  • fixed framework graphics bugs from beta
  • had to revert to yellow progress bars (sorry)
  • default 600/250 kernel (p3droid)
  • music mod by Eliot Stocker (optional, via script)
  • busybox installed
  • scripts!
    • sysrw, sysro - for mounting/unmounting system
    • cpuinfo
    • musicmod, origmusic - for switching music apps
    • rmcalc, rmcarhome, rmcorpcal, rmemail, rmgenie, rmlauncher, rmlp, rmmp3, rmvvm
  • it's fast

NexBeast V1.1 (5/27/2010)
  • Based on Peter Alfonso's Bugless Beast V1.1
  • Updated wireless tethering app
  • Fully themed ADW and 3D Launchers
  • Themed LauncherPro available (with customizable dock)
  • Calendar widget is now themed
  • Facebook widget theme now matches overall theme more
  • Mms.apk now has additional settings again
  • Music app is now the stock one (no weird scrolling letters)

NexBeast V1.0.1 (5/17/2010)
  • MMS app fixed (video MMS working)
  • Updated Wireless Tethering app (now has Bluetooth PAN support)
  • New Superuser 2.1 app and binary
  • OTA fixed (won't drain battery, let recovery block if you get it)
  • NexTheme Wallpaper in default launcher
  • ADW Launcher by default (Froyo/NexThemed)
  • 20% battery left is now red (green before, upset some people)
  • Battery percentages are now in the notification bar (hard coded)
  • Modified pete script (won't clash with SetCPU anymore)
      New Scripts (must have the necessary files on /sdcard)
  • switchlnchr
  • insthelix1
  • insthelix2
  • rmhelix1
  • rmhelix2
R3 (4/21/2010)
  • HelixLauncher2 is back! Themed and 3D app tray galore!
  • Updated wireless tethering to pre-10 release
  • Updated the HTC_IME to release 24 (themed) - now fills the entire screen in landscape
  • Included new Music widget that displays the album art! - from CyanogenMod
  • Included themed MotoTorch LED and Ringer widgets - thanks btdownloads7
  • Still based on my deodexed ESE81 (same as R1 and R2) - not the Bugless Beast v1 leak