Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2.1 OTA Update Finally Coming 3/18 ?!

Looks like the ESE53 leak that's been floating around for a while now is the official OTA update that Droid users should be receiving starting March 18th. Verizon will be following the same strategy as before, releasing the update to a set number of people per day, though this time it is much higher ~250,000 a day. That means the latest anyone should get it is the 22nd (there are a little over 1m Droids in use)

Here's the post over at Engadget, with a link to the actual Verizon page detailing the update.


The features include:

-Live Wallpapers
-Multitouch Goodness (Browser, Gallery, Maps)
-2.1 Optimizations

But exclude:

-3D app drawer
-5 Screens

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