Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nexus Multitouch Update Features now available for Droid

We know we got a good developer community when all the features of the Nexus One's recent OTA update are already being released for the Droid, while there are Nexus owners still waiting to get their updates!

They have been built in to the latest ROMs from and Pete. Links can be found over at my ROMs page. While the multitouch browser has been around for a while courtesy of the Motorola Milestone (Euro Droid), we now have it available in Google Maps and the new 2.1 3D Gallery. There used to be a little bug with the multitouch maps that broke the Maps API, meaning any other app that drew upon Maps would cause it to force close, but it looks like Pete's got that fixed with his latest release.

Also, being the genius that he is, Pete's released an for any 2.0.1 ROM that's not his to enable the multitouch updates (in Browser, Maps, and Gallery). Note, you need to be rooted to install this (it's not signed). You can find it here.

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